Specialty Auto Services for Buffalo, NY

Don DeStefano is known throughout the Buffalo, NY area as a "Master of Modifying." DeStefano can restore a vintage radiator to just about anything else – from tractors and classic cars to tractor trailers and semis. 

It is well-known that today’s radiators are disposable. They are just not the same high-quality that they used to be. Oftentimes, you can't just repair them to any satisfaction. Don modifies many of the radiators and systems he works on so that he can appropriately meet the unique needs of his clients. 

At Neal's Radiator Service, we specialize in all kinds of specialty services. Call today to find out more about how we can help you.
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Heavy-Duty Fuel Tank and Radiator Repair

Neal's Radiator Service is the best-equipped auto shop in the area for heavy-duty radiator and fuel tank repair. When you visit us, you will find MIG & TIG welding parts and equipment as well as additional replacement parts and more. 

Don is quite proud to be a master in his field. His biggest project to date was repairing some older generators at the Delphi Harrison Thermal Systems. Don says they were as big as a wall. He enjoys the hands-on part of his job, and it shows in is work. 

"No one likes the labor-intensive work anymore - it's all done on a computer," he says. Unlike other companies, Don takes a personal interest in the success of his projects. If you have a specialty repair or modification you need done, please get in touch with us today!
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